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Posted by MJMoonbow 8 days ago | | 2 comments
MJ's weekly Bitcoin perspective:
Last week candle did close red i said green.... do'h
Aye to Nay ratio
What a depressing week in bitcoin history, we fall below the 200 weekly MA and below 20k, sure i knew it was possible, but never thought it would go that low.
At least we closed above the 20k psychological barrier. Need to see whaats gonna happen this week. Even the close below the 200 weekly MA i think the bottom is in now and we gonna bounce between 20-22k this weekbut goona close above 22500



It's crazy entering this winter. I mean, the start of every winter is crazy, but it was such a long bull run it feels fresh, I'd forgotten the last crash and it's scary and new again.

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