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# The universe as a reversible cellular automata

ok heres my idea
its a way to simulate the world

you have a 3d cellular automata


you integrate (say average) the values of every cell over the entire simulation time (t=0 to t=1) (edited)
then you have a solid block of scalar values for each x,y,z
then you sweep through the z axis and display the 2 dimensional scalar field (edited)
that is effectively what we are doing when we experience time
but we are sweeping a 3 dimensional shape through a 4 dimensional field

for example, heres a 2d representation of the entire time domain (t=0 to t=1) of a 1d reversible cellular automata (reversible in the time domain)


Attached is the 1 dimensional universe

You run it in 2 dimensions (left and right and forward and back in time)
forward and back in time are indistinguishable and reversible (as is the x dimension)
but you have to integrate it over time to get the state at any one t value
like, you must integrate the automata over all possible past and future states to get the current state
so this is actually a 2 dimensional universe, but we would call it a 1 dimensional universe because we only see a thin line of it
like we are in a 4 dimensional universe
with information propogataing back from the future to change our current state
basically time is reversible
but you cant completely simulate any subset of the universe because you can only simulate it for a limited time range (and x,y,z region)
thus, any measurement of an electrons position and velocity at the same time is impossible because its not knowable
the universe hasnt finished calculating both values, and never will because time is endless
and by measuring (and thus fixing) one, that means you are applying a value to the current time state that propagates forwards and back (but never hits the end or beginning of the universe and propogates back), so the value of the other parameter is impossible, as it is uncalculatable.
that means time is endless
it has neither a beginning or an end
and time flows in both directions constantly
and information flows in both directions without prejudice
we are changing ourselves so that we will conform to a known future event (that is propogating back to us)
as well as moving away from a past event (that is sending us information as well)
and for some reason, we as humans (most of us), remember the past better than the future
we feel the future, but can ‘remember’ the past
but we make decisions knowing what our future state will be
because those future states are flowing data back to us
ah ok
yeah so
it’s a 4 dimensional universe, and all dimensions are equal
indistinguishable even
but there are multiple states of the 4 dimensional universe
its like you are doign game of life
but in 4 dimensions, all reversible and interchangeble, same rules in all dimensions and directions (-x,+x,-y,+y,-z,+z,-t,+t)
and the value at any cell in the lattice is 1 or 0
by integrating over a 5th dimension (call it states)
you end up with a scalar value (instead of a boolean value)
and then when you sweep along any axis through that 4 dimensional scalar field with a 3 dimensional cube (edited)
it appears that the world is non deterministic, because you cannot sample the scalar field and deterministically predict the next scalar field (when moving on this axis)
because the scalar field you see, is actually the integration of all possible ‘states’ through the s-range you have calculated (s=0 to s=64) (edited)
in the 1d cellular automata, its actually a 2d cellular automata (x and t). And you’re integrating over all steps, so that at every 1d cellular automata, you see a 1d scalar field.
if you could see the 2d scalar field, you’d see every past and future version of yourself sitting at your desk thinking

liked id see every time i sit at this desk, overlaid over the top of each other.

Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 8.33.39 PM.png



Sorry for the crazy braindump way of posting this, it was just trying to tease it all out of my head before I forgot it. Super interesting way of thinking about the universe at deterministic, but also uncalculable (because time is endless).
Dump away my friend, very interesting to see your thought process
Man how much weed did I smoke when I wrote this #smh 😂

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