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Posted by bnolan 5 months ago | 1 comment

I've gotten into small electric vehicles lately:

  • Ninebot ES2
  • Ninebot gokart pro
  • Ebikes (trek powerfly / liv / yuba / reise muller)

And I'm really interested in the `ninebot gt2`, but there's not really many good places to ride them around here, so I've started reading about how to build a small single lane go kart track.

I'm thinking:

  • Small electric tractor with a digger arm on the front
  • Large towable electric powered concrete mixer
And 5 friends and you could maybe build 100m of track a day on flat farmland (assuming its 1.5m wide). I think a 400m loop would make a great little race track. Maybe you add one or two passing lanes as well.


if you can get the concrete delivered by truck you are more likely to keep your 5 friends :D 60 cubic meters is a lot of sacs to mix.

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