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Posted by MJMoonbow about 1 year ago | 7 comments
12th Anniversary of Pizza Day
on May 22, 2010 the first physical goods were purchased with Bitcoin. On May 22, 22 MJ tries to sell virtual Pizza for 10,000 $FOLK/$MEM
To get a virtual pizza tip me 100 $FOLK or 150$MEM (Discord) and comment with your 0x... address



SHED tipped this post 100.0 $FOLK
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Hey man whats the pizza contract? I can't see it in my NFTs:

i see it in your wallet on opensea @bnolan https://opensea.io/0xaBa5422F89e1583577Ef6b4D41B6CCf12B21B6Aa
Ah awesome thanks @SHED it must be a bug with our code that fetches NFTs. It's a polygon NFT.. interesting, it should work.
Yeah it should show up, but sometimes it doesnt. There was something wrong with the metadata. So on OpenSea it was displayed as another wearable.

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