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Posted by bnolan 7 months ago | 4 comments
Then after I topped up the car at the fast charger in Murchison, I blasted through the Hurunui back to christchurch airport and flew back to Wellington. I've never been to the Hurunui before. It was very hot, windy and dry. Long straight roads with not much to do. I set the car to self driving, put on some nice music and just spaced out looking at the stark nature. Arrived back at Christchurch airport 5 days after I left, having done 1100km, for a total charging cost of $120.



Fantastic! yea I am still bewildered when talking with someone who I think is great, then I bring up electric cars and they say "electric cars are stupid" the fud is so deep, it really seems like a no brainer to me but I guess lots of people just believe the crappy media out there, I mean I almost kicked these two hot women out of my house when they said that, but just left it at ok let's agree to disagree. Sounds like an amazing trip, you look good, beautiful country

LoRez you're a kind man for not kicking those two hot women out of the house.

Yeah EVs are better for pretty much every use case now except towing long distances. The Ferari I was going to do this trip in would've cost $1000 in fuel, for similair performance (at legal speeds, the ferrari has a much much higher top speed).

@gallery20 oh wow i'd never heard of Altai before, but you're right it looks similair!

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