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Posted by YoFolk 6 months ago | 2 comments

Yo whats the word. Ok so some of the stuff thats been floating around with yofolk that we havent release yet; or to be more clear, we're not 100% sure is worth finishing - but what do y'all think:

  • Kotlin client for android
  • Swift client for iphone
  • Inbound email (lorez@yofolk.com)
  • Outbound email (opt in daily notifications)
  • Login with gmail (using tor.us)
  • Embedding (display yofolk posts on another site)

Plus the usual minting / nft discovery / listing functionality.

Whats the vibe?


yofolk mobile apps, email and gmail account option, Folk Yea!!!
in priority of things
  • outbound email for daily notifications
  • login with gmail
  • embedding
  • inbound email
  • android client
  • iphone client
all are really good implementations

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