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Posted by philbert 9 months ago | 2 comments

lmao at CV dumping a bunch of parcels for flat rate on the floor.

confused about the desire to 'increase volume' as it does nothing for holders & mostly just helps cv rake in more 7.5% royalties.


Hey Philbert! I'm questioning my flat rate parcel sales. Had a good chat with @fayelure about it on the phone this morning. It hasn't magically fixed volume, but it has made us realise that we need to consider floor price per island, not across the entire collection. Definitely wasn't the magic fix I though it'd be. Thanks for the feedback (even though you think I'm an idiot hahaha). 😅🥰
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I actually don't think you're an idiot at all. At this point, I think you're consciously trying to extract as much value out of CV as you can.
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