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Posted by 000 about 1 year ago | 5 comments
wassup folk, i'm brand new here and have some questions. how does the mint process work?

1. i noticed when i created my username it said there was a token, but how do i view that token and sell this account someday if i wish to?

2. do we get paid $folk for posts/comments/likes or is it tips only?

3. is this project a part of the voxels project??

4. is there any specific place where users can provide feedback/suggestions?

ty kinfolk!


Hey @000! Cool username :D

1. There is a $FOLK token, you can swap WETH for $FOLK using the link on your profile page. Currently you can use $FOLK to tip, but you'll be able to use it to buy badges and other NFTs on yofolk.com, and also to mint your username. You can't mint your username yet (its coming).
2. You can tip posts for $FOLK, the tip goes 100% to the post author.
3. Yes, it's built by the same team as voxels. We're passionate about a privacy respecting social network, and it's way easier for us to try out new token ideas and smart contracts on yofolk, then backport that tech to voxels.com
4. Just post here and tag #yofolk and I'll answer when I see them. :D <3
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nice questions! it be cool if some questions ended up on a FAQ tab or somthing maybe too?!
yo @bnolan I appreciate your detailed response! it feels great being this early, can't wait to begin onboarding my community over here this week. this is major!!
@SHED preciated my guy! i can definitely see some of these being within a FAQ section
Yeah a FAQ would be good! We have some links to posts in the footer already, we can add some more! :)

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