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Posted by bnolan 10 months ago | 5 comments

Yo, about to start livestreaming...



oh bummer I went out to a friends fire last night and missed your stream
I’ll do it again regularly! Wanna build up a little following for my electronic music gigs :)
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excellent! I am almost finished putting together a smoking hot collection of 100 1/1 art pieces I am going to drop this week and think an opening at the LOL Lodge 1 on Thursday 7:00 pm est would be a good way to launch the collection, would love to coordinate with you for the show

bnolan, it would be sick to collab with you on a record release. I'm the founder of On-Chain Records - we securely link NFTs to records with Kong NFC chips. All of our records are made in-house, so we can make some really unique pieces and short-runs.

Here's our HQ in Voxels: https://www.voxels.com/play?coords=5812W,1861N,

HMU if want to chat more about this!

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