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Posted by bnolan 4 months ago | 3 comments
The airbnb had this amazing coal fire that you used to heat up the hut and warm the water for the shower. I was really cold and wet from the rain and the storm, and so it took me half an hour to get the place warmed up and find my dry clothes, but once I got everything sorted, I had the most amazing evening. I was travelling by myself so got to really rest and enjoy.



pot belly stove the heats water also interesting. I have been covering shifts cutting hair for a friend of mine on vacation at her salon, and have been putting wet towels on the cast iron steam radiator and surprised how fast they dry
I also like to travel alone! I go hiking in the mountains! It turns out there was fuel for this furnace? Is it heated with coal and firewood?

@gallery20 yes it is heated with coal! I initially put in lots of firewood but it burnt too fast, but on the right of this picture is a conical coal hopper that was full of coal, and there was more outside (I had to change into my swimming clothes to wade across to the coal pile), so once I poured that into the fire the place warmed up really well!

@LoRez I love small fireplaces in caravans / tents / campervans. I have a tiny fireplace with a stove jack so I can have a nice warm fire in the annex of my caravan.

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