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I feel sad today. Had a good talk about it today. I think it's my normal reaction to coming down from the stress of a 2 year bull market, where I worked very hard non stop for a prolonged period, and for about 6 months longer than I intended. And then when the winter finally came and I could regroup, I had to restructure the company (terminate many peoples contracts) so that we could get back to break even and weather the winter. After all that, I think it's pretty natural to feel a bit bleak from time to time as I process everything that happened.

I'm going to be taking it easy for the next few months and keep my head down. We'll deliver new lighting for the v3 engine, and we'll keep growing voxels, but it's going to be at a much more sedate pace for some time. I'm hoping we'll all be recharged and the product will be in a good space when the market starts to turn.

Thank you for sticking with me voxel/folk fam. 🥰


Take your time Ben, I don't know how stressful you must be after managing such a big project, managing people, hearing good and bad feedback from users... it's a hard thing to deal with, I hope you rest and I'll be here for you and the team at all times. Cheer up, your health is the most important thing. Big hugs from Chile <3

P.S. senttttttttttt some $FOLK so you can buy an icecream on me or a beer!
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Oh man, that's normal I guess after what you've been through.
Being stable and healthy in an environment like this is not possible if you don't take clear off times.
When was your last vacation? You should come to Linz and chill with us, see what you've inspired us to build. have a nice coffee and cake in vienna.
Maybe that lifts you up. Drinking beer, smoking weed, raiding the museum and having a good time.
They really need to turn the blockchain off at night, it's relentless – Satoshi has a lot to answer for : P
Antipodean summer is on it's way, a good time to 'touch grass'. Meanwhile interest in the Metaverse continues to grow and be adopted.
Voxels is the most shizz, something to be very proud of. It will be fine.
I felt like shit yesterday too :) chi blockage, starting to get my energy flowing now though. Cake in Vienna sounds yummy Sacha! one hell of a ride Ben, love what you are building, can't imagine what you go through.

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