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Posted by bnolan 8 months ago | 2 comments
Our company bank accounts since the start of the winter. The big bump was when we moved some money around to pay taxes. We have a big buffer still (several years) but yeah, we're going backwards.



Well, we were going backwards, we've been breakeven since august. That's why we had to downsize, which is literally the hardest thing I've ever had to do. 🤮
It looks to me that the foundations of your project are solid. (obs. I believe that it isn't good to drop the floor price of the parcels because the value that is possible to extract from them surpass the actual price it is being sold for sure! There are really brilliant audiovisual experiences that are possible to be made by the user himself in your game with the current technology used. That the mistery of God be known by you, so that you and me do not die, but instead have eternal life. ( English is not my native English, so sorry for my grammar)

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